About project

From the stones to the wheels to the robots. We humans can't stop inventing. We want more complex, more sophisticated machines, which will be working for us and we want to control them. This project is about making machines do what the humans want.


Develop something novel and useful, something we could never do before. Isn't it inspiring? This is what we are doing here. Here is a place, where new and exciting future is starting. We are developing the way to create new machines, new games, new life.


Manufacturing - technologies.
Engineering - machines.
Education - learning.
Research - simulators.
CAD - modelling software.
Medicine - smart prosthetics.
Gaming - advanced titles.


Better life for the humanity.
Interesting work for the developers.
Exciting tools for the scientists.
Fun for the gamers.
Returns for the investors.
Appraisal for the politicians.
Learning for the kids.

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